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Whether you’re making a donation or organising a fundraising event, there are many ways to take action and help out Family of Hope. We always welcome help and support from enthusiastic and friendly individuals from all walks of life. Every contribution made is very much appreciated. Your efforts could make a huge difference in a young child’s life.

Make a donation

 Your donation really does get to the heart of the project. See what a monthly donation £1, £5 or £20 would make to a Ugandan child with special educational needs.

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Take action

Start a fundraising event, spread the word, invite a speaker, sponsor a child, shop, donate, volunteer, get your school involved – take action and get involved in a way that best fits you.

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Join our club

Keep up to date with the latest news on a Family of Hope project that interests you: The Shoe Making Project, sponsor a child or share in what the children are doing by subscribing to our updates.

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a child

For just £15 a month you can sponsor a Ugandan child with special needs and change their life by helping them get access to an education.

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