We believe every child with special education needs in Uganda has the right to an education in a safe and caring environment.

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Meet some of the wonderful children who are part of our family.



Hope joined Family of Hope in 2016. Hope is deaf and the Ugandan Deaf Association come to the school to run regular sessions on sign language with our children, teachers and parents. Having a way to communicate is crucial and a huge step forward for many of our children.

Charles and Swabil

Both Charles and Swabil joined at Family of Hope have both worked really hard over the past year and have passed their exams. Thanks to their UK sponsors they have now joined their peers at the local Primary Schools.


This is Yobu who has Cerebral Palsy and was 10 years old when he joined us. He had never been to school before. School has helped Yobu enormously he and he loves being at school.   He can now write with concentration. He can look after himself and help with basic chores around the school. In the holidays he helps a local carpenter with sanding.


Mary was 10 and an orphan when she joined us at Family of Hope. Mary is HIV Positive and has complex learning difficulties. Mary enjoys the posters and pictures around the classroom and will happily chatter about them. She enjoys colouring and playing games with the younger children. Mary now loves to peel vegetables, sort rice and beans and help with other simple tasks in the kitchen.


Alisah was 6 years old when she started at Family of Hope. She lives in extreme poverty and on starting school the new uniform was her only piece of clothing. Alisah had never been to school but is one of our most able students. She has now moved on to the local Primary School with support from her sponsor family. She is thriving and learning fast. She lives with us at Family of Hope and is a fabulous help to the matrons and staff at the school.


Meet Gilbert. He has complex learning difficulties and was quite a handful when he started with us in 2015.

Gilbert’s social skills have improved dramatically in the time he has been with us. He can now sit in class for short periods of time, has learnt to wait and take turns, can wash his own clothes and can count to three by rote.

He is lots of fun and loves one to one attention.

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