Our promise to you: It is really important to us that the maximum amount possible of your donation goes straight to the school in Uganda, therefore we prioritise keeping UK running costs as low as possible.

Our promise

We work extremely hard to ensure all UK running costs are kept as low as possible to enable your money to get to the children and school who so greatly need it. We pay no UK staff and have no UK buildings to run or maintain.

We are fortunate to have a wonderful group of committed donors who are happy for a proportion of their donations to go to the running costs of our fast growing charity.

This does mean that your donations really do get to the heart of the project and are not lost in a pot on the way.

I want to take action now

Our results

Already we are seeing the results of the brilliant work happening at Family of Hope. Some of our children who are with us through extreme poverty have now caught up with their peers at the government schools. Ten children, including Charles and Swabil featured below, have passed their exams and now moved to  mainstream primary school, thanks to the generosity of donors, fundraisers and volunteers, as well the hard work of teachers.



Charles has scoliosis (curvature of the spine). He used to attend primary school, but when his parents abandoned him his grandmother could no longer afford to send him. Family of Hope offered him an education, and when his grandmother decided to leave the area, our cook and teaching assistant Annette took him in. He has made amazing progress and was very excited to join his peers at primary school thanks to his Family of Hope UK sponsor. He returns to Family of Hope each day for a cooked meal.


Swabil lives in extreme poverty with his Mum, Dad and two siblings in one room. Family of Hope was there for Swabil when his parents could not afford to send him to primary school. He tried really hard at Family of Hope, and succeeded in passing his exams. In March 2015, he was able to go into mainstream education with his UK sponsor paying for his meal at school, uniform, books and registration fees. He is doing well and comes back to see his friends all the time.

It is because of our investment model that we know there will be a lot more of these positive stories to come.