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In just two years, Family of Hope has helped educate and house 40 children and built our own school. We are a young charity but with your help we have big plans. We don’t want to have to turn away children who exist at the fringes of Ugandan society from an education centre that will care for and keep them safe. With your help, we will achieve this.

You can donate as little or as much as you like – we are grateful for anything you can give us. You can give in memory of a loved one or in your name. You can give directly to The Shoe Making Project, sponsor a child or support the day to day running of the school. How, what or who you want to support through monetary contributions is entirely up to you.


Could… buy pencils and pens for a child for the whole year


Could… buy materials for The Shoe Making Project


Could… buy lunch at school for a child for a year

For every £1 you give us…

We believe that your donations should directly benefit the children at our school, so we keep our UK costs to an absolute minimum.


Recent donations…

Family of Hope has received a tremendous amount of support from regular donors and fundraisers. We are truly grateful for every donation, however small or large as we know you share our beliefs and aims – to make a real difference to Ugandan children’s lives with special needs. From the money raised through live music concerts to our “sole power” campaign to buy shoes for the children, every penny really does go directly to the education centre.

Payroll giving

Find out more about what is involved.

Ask your employer if you can give as you earn.

Donate as you shop

Give as you Live (link: is a shopping and price comparison tool with thousands of well-known retailers. The difference is each time you shop, a percentage of every purchase is automatically donated to the charity of your choice.

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