February 2023

The school has reopened for the new academic year with more new children joining us. As part of their life skills education they have been learning how to make ropes from banana fibre this week.

14 February 2023

February 2023

We are so proud of our candidate class. These children have been with us since we opened in 2014 and joined us as they were living in extreme poverty. They have worked so hard, joined local primary schools with our financial support and now they are entering their candidate year(final year of Primary School). We […]

January 2023

Family of Hope is beginning to be a real central point in the community. They have continued to use our pitch during the year for football and netball as well as community meetings. One of our staff team has begun a community youth training programme to keep the young people away from drugs and drink. […]

November 2022

The favourite activity of our visit was mask making. The children were absorbed by our mirror and some of them even went to bed in the masks.

October 2022

We now have 30 children attending local primary schools with their sponsor’s support. They are all loving life at school. It is great to see them when we visit and hear how their English and studies are improving. The children at the schools for the deaf and blind are also progressing really well. In October […]

September 2022

Henry, our new land manager, has been teaching some of the boys to look after the cows. They are responsible for feeding them, giving them water, letting them out to graze and clearing the cow shed. He has taught them to mix the dung to create manure and they have started a small nursey bed […]

Easter Lunch

Our children are just finishing their first term back this academic year. They had a special Easter day lunch with soda to celebrate. Our children who attend the local primary schools have also just been allowed to return to schools so will be staying on over the Easter break as their schools remain open.