Your support helps give a child at the education centre, like 7 year old Gilbert who has Autism, a better chance in life. By sponsoring a child for as little 52p a day, you are providing a much needed education and demonstrating that these children are worth our time and money. That’s all it costs to give someone a better future. 100% of your donation when you sponsor a child goes out to the school in Uganda.

We aim to help our pupils with special needs develop vital skills for the future through classroom education and vocational life skills. Our aim is to help those children with us through extreme poverty to catch up and pass the necessary exams to move into mainstream Ugandan schools where they will continue with our support and care throughout their schooling years. We have already enabled two children to do this and we know we can do more.

Your money pays for their uniform, stationary, exam fees, a meal during the school day and teacher’s salary.

We will update you regularly on their progress and you can write letters and send small gifts to your child if you choose. They love to receive your letter and photograph and will draw or write to you back.

Quality education from teachers who are trained and specialised in teaching children with learning disabilities

An opportunity to send and receive letters and photos of your child and have a personal relationship.

Access to clean, safe water and sanitation

Love and friendship from a tight-knit team of caring adults

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