For the children at Family of Hope’s education centre, shoes aren’t the norm.

Instead, for many it’s the first time they’ve ever had shoes. This is thanks to the generosity of our supporters. Over the last few months we have collected dozens of shoes but as our children and school grow we need more.

The shoes prevent a very painful condition caused by ‘jigger’ fleas. The tiny creatures burrow into skin which can cause swelling, itching, ulceration and inflection. As a result of this it can lead to blood poisoning, gangrene, tetanus and other diseases as well as in the worst cases, amputation.

How do I donate shoes?

Please send used or new children shoes of any kind in shoe boxes if possible. This helps with the packing and processing of them. It is important that they are in good condition and clean.

You can send you shoes directly to the address below.

Family of Hope
1 The Maltings
West Ilsley
Newbury, Berkshire
RG20 7AX

Don’t just take our word for it, hear how Nick McLeish’s visit affected him.

“On a recent visit with my wife Kerry, voluntary Trustee of Family of Hope, in 2015 I experienced such a mixture of feelings. I was in awe of the children’s achievements at the school and the care and love offered to them by all of the teaching and support staff at the school. It was wonderful to help with The Big Build and see the progress Charlie has made in such little time with his team of skilled and enthusiastic team. But if I had to pick one moment where the need really struck me it was when I noticed X’s shoes. They were her first and only pair. They were bought last year thanks to the money raised and donated. But, now they don’t have backs to them or even fronts. I struggle to understand how she can keep them on but she does. I’ve told this story in a recent talk I gave to staff at the firm I am a partner at: Boult Wade Tennant. They’ve taken it upon themselves to donate shoes and I just know these will be put to good use.”

a child

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