The Chicken Project

Can you help us start a sustainable chicken project for our school?

This project will:

  • be part of our Life Skills Education programme for our children (animal husbandry and selling the eggs in our shop)
  • provide eggs for the children to eat
  • provide extra eggs and chickens for us to sell as we move towards becoming self-sufficient

Each chick will cost just £5. This includes their vaccinations, food, and the feeders and charcoal burners that will be needed to rear the chicks.

How about buying a chick as an alternative birthday/Christmas gift?

Why Chickens?

Many of our children with Special Educational Needs are unable to progress very far through the Ugandan curriculum as there is a need to pass each year before moving up.

We are in the process of setting up a vocational education programme to teach the children life skills and trades to provide opportunity for their futures. This will include farming, animal husbandry, brick making, shoe making and crafts. These projects will also be part of the vital movement towards self sufficiency for the school.

Already the children are eating sweet potatoes grown on our plot and we have built a small shop to sell our produce to the community when they come to collect water. We are now raising funds to start a chicken rearing project that will be part of the children’s learning, provide food and bring in some income.

How far will my money go?

Five pounds can really make a difference to our chicken project. Every penny you send for the chicken project will go to the project. As illustrated below, £5 pays for the chick, the first 5 months of specialised feeds, 4 months of vaccinations, 2 months of labour to look after young chicks round the clock and equipment: burners, feeders, drinkers and charcoal for the burners.