The Shoe Making Project

The Project will

  • Help the children to develop the skills needed to make and sell shoes. This will give them a vocation to use within the community once they leave Family of Hope.
  • Most of the children will be involved in the project at some level, whether cutting leather, beading, learning to operate the machinery or being involved in the accounts of the project.
  • We hope to sell the product to help with the running of the project and the school.
    Why shoes
  • Many of our children with Special Educational Needs are unable to progress very far through the Ugandan curriculum as there is a need to pass each year before moving up.
  • We have set up a vocational education programme to teach the children life skills and trades to provide opportunity for their futures. This will include farming, animal husbandry, shoe making and crafts. These projects will also be part of the vital movement towards self-sufficiency for the school.
  • Already the children are eating a variety of fruits and vegetables grown on our plot. The children are all involved in helping with the clearing, sowing and harvesting as well as the food preparation and coking. We now have a cow and chickens that are part of the children’s learning, provide food and bring in some income.

How Far Will My Money Go?

Every little donation will help us with this project. Here are some examples of what your money could do…

  • Pliers – £8
  • Scissors – £6
  • Tailoring machine – £200
  • Wet Stone – £6
  • Fortunate (our shoemaker teacher) – £30 a month
  • Materials including leather and glue etc for a student to learn for a term – £5