The Big Build plan

We’re expanding and we need your help. We don’t want to turn away a vulnerable child just because of shortage of space so our Family of supporters and fundraisers have raised a massive £45,000 enabling us to buy a plot of land. Our superstar builder Charlie has created the perfect plan for a bigger school so we can help even more children. It has three wonderful class rooms, study spaces, a large kitchen, three workshops for vocational projects, washing and sleeping facilities as well as a playground.

Once on the new site, we will begin to move some of our children towards more vocational projects. They will have the opportunity to learn life skills and ways to make a living doing simple tasks. This will include working on the farm, learning how to look after the chickens and animals, learning how to cook simple dishes and help out in the kitchen, brick making, bead making and simple mechanics. This will enable our children to have a purpose in the future and a way to participate in society.

The Big Build Project

It’s big not only because the school will be bigger, but it’s big as in amount of money we need to raise. Our fundraising target is £32,000. It’s a huge amount of money but with your help we know we will achieve it.

We haven’t plucked this figure out of thin air. Every last detail of the build from trowels to beams to door handles – has been carefully costed.

How far will my money go?

Every pound can really make a difference to our building project. As illustrated below, even a donation as small as £1.50 is more than enough to buy two trowels. A donation of £1 will buy 20 bricks. If you are able to give more generously than this we can get more materials to finish our project even quicker, which in turn means we can accommodate more and more new pupils at our school.the-big-build-infographic


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